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Six drivers of 3D printing
Our six drivers
The world of 3D printing is noisy, with new breakthroughs and innovations every day. This constant change can make it hard to understand how 3D printing will benefit your business. So we developed the six drivers framework to explain how 3D printing drives business value.
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  • Freedom of design
  • Embedded functionality
  • Streamlined supply chains
  • Hyper personalization
  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Lifecycle sustainability
How we work
We apply a rigorous approach, a rich suite of tools and our experience to identify the impact that 3D printing can have on your business.
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Our thinking
The Little Blue Book
Behind the many ways that 3D printing can bring value to a business, the same fundamental principles appear time and time again. In this essential guide, we codify these patterns into a framework that helps you understand and navigate the world of 3D printing, using real-life examples from a range of industries to inspire your thinking.
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Our latest thinking.
Deploying and Sustaining AM in your Organization
For many applications and industries, the benefits of additive manufacturing are well-defined. Design freedom, flexible manufacturing, hyper personalization to name a few. The temptation is with such well-defined benefits, all it takes to make additive work within a business is to buy a machine and materials. In fact, for additive to be transformational, the entire business must buy into additive; from the boardroom to the factory floor. Spend 60 minutes with Blueprint and you’ll come away armed with the tools you need to adopt additive within your organization.
06/ April 2020
Overcoming the 3D Printing Problem of Scale
Why is it so difficult to build additive parts at scale? In this webinar, join Blueprint as we discuss the three main pitfalls hindering product developers when implementing 3D printing at volume.
23/ April 2020
3D Printing is Additive to Supply Chain Agility
Additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, approaches can help reduce risk and restore agility when supported by AI-driven insights. By digitizing traditional manufacturing, introducing dual manufacturing approaches, and building out additive as a platform, manufacturing leaders can deliver the scale and efficiency benefits of global supply chains without being one black swan event away from disaster.
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09/ April 2020
Webinar: Dealing with Unavoidable Inaccuracies in 3D Printing
3D printing has turned the engineering world upside down, enabling previously impossible geometries and collapsing lead times. Something 3D printing is inherently not very good at? Part accuracy. In this first of three webinars on Thinking Additively, David Busacker, engineering consultant from Blueprint, dives deep into some of the unavoidable inaccuracies of 3D printing. He also provides viewers clear tactics on how to deal with these inherent constraints to “digital tooling” in order to design accurate, strong 3D printed parts.
16/ March 2020
Client Results
93% of businesses say that additive manufacturing gives them a competitive edge. We’ll show you how.
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