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We are trusted. We are enablers. And we are human.
We’re here to guide you at every part of the process, ensuring the right solution is implemented seamlessly and successfully, regardless if that solution is a technology, a new business model or a supply chain configuration. Your success is what motivates us, and we are driven to bring you the answers, insights and results you need.

It’s this, combined with our extensive technical and business knowledge, that enables us to be impartial, methodical and transformative with all our clients.
Scoping your additive journey
We start by seeking to understand your business and your challenges, but we also want to understand you. We learn why you are coming to us and we help ensure that the right people are in the room. Together we develop a bespoke plan to discover where additive makes sense for your business.
Interactive experiences
We make workshops interactive, useful, and memorable. Every Blueprint workshop starts with a consultation, so we can understand how to design an experience that meets your needs and goals. Our variety of workshops are highly interactive experiences that foster ideation and result in actionable plans. When you engage Blueprint, you get a bespoke experience, delivered by the people who developed it.
Walking in your shoes
We know your business is more nuanced than a spreadsheet. That’s why we come on site and walk a mile in your shoes. During our on-site audits, we learn from your people about how parts are used, how products are made and how operations are run. We think big and challenge the status quo, but we also bring our calipers and dive deep. By learning alongside you, we ensure that recommendations we provide are implementable, not theoretical.
Experience driven analysis
The insights provided by analysis are only as good as the experience driving it. We leverage a suite of methods and software which has been developed by our team and refined through hundreds of client engagements over the past 15 years to deliver unique business insights.
Diverse array of partners
When you engage with us, you are also employing a network of hundreds of companies and thousands of experts in additive manufacturing. Our 15-year heritage as the world’s leading additive consultancy means we have relationships with a diverse array of partners that we can leverage. From machine manufacturers, to national research agencies, to service bureaus, to the world’s leading 3D printing company, Stratasys, we marshal an entire industry to solve your challenges.
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93% of businesses say that additive manufacturing gives them a competitive edge. We’ll show you how.
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