Capturing the full potential
of 3D printing
Bringing your design to life can be a
challenge. Wouldn’t it be useful to have
a design partner experienced in additive
manufacturing to help with your project?

Today’s technology has developed rapidly over the last 30 years, but technical understanding and knowledge hasn’t kept pace. With a wide array of software, materials and processes, it’s a challenge to create feasible designs that deliver value. That’s where we come in.

What we do

As the world’s leading 3D printing consultants, we can help you realize the full potential of this revolutionary technology. Whatever your design intent, our tried and tested approach can help you realize it faster and smarter. With 15 years’ experience in virtually every industry, we’ll help you fully embrace and understand 3D printing and make the most of whatever you’re making.

Who this helps
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Project managers
  • Production managers

We help novices and experienced users alike. Whether you need help to get started, in-depth technical advice, or a full design and review service, we’re here to help you get the very best from 3D printing.

How we help
  • Leverage new design freedoms to create better products
  • Ensure designs conform to regulations and standards
  • Identify the most cost-efficient manufacturing methods
  • Advise on ways to reduce printing time and costs through better design
  • Provide greater understanding of the software workflow
  • Design production-ready parts with manufacturing specifications

We know that good design
relies on good planning

That’s why, for every industry, we work closely with your teams,
using our rigorous optimization process to enhance and re-engineer
your designs, from products and tools to jigs and fixtures.

Blueprint’s experienced consultants will guide you through every step of the design process. Our methodology begins by capturing your requirements and priorities. We then help you ideate on design concepts that fulfil the defined need. We can provide design services or coach your engineers on design for 3D printing. Finally, we support you in both reviewing and optimizing designs and producing prototypes or production parts.

What we’ll deliver
  • CAD design services
  • Datasheets, design guides and optimization advice
  • Recommended approaches to specific design challenges
  • Personal one-on-one design review meetings
  • Expert mentoring, guidance and support
  • Final, build-ready designs
  • Actionable part production plan
Define the problem
Understand your design intent, define working parameters and clarify project goals.
Select technology and material
Guide you through the advantages of the most appropriate technologies and find the best materials to meet your specification.
Create design concepts
Propose multiple solutions, arming you with pros and cons of each to empower your decision-making.
Optimize final design
Help you navigate the digital workflow, assist in scaling your design to meet product volumes and provide a technical data package.
Strategy consulting
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Strategic impact

Our team will help lay the foundations for total confidence in business transformation by demonstrating the ways 3D printing can reshape your strategy.
Strategy consulting
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Product innovation

We’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of how 3D printing can open up new thinking and build pioneering products while boosting your top line.
Strategy consulting
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Additive deployment

With our help, you can identify the people, processes and tools needed for to successfully deploy 3D printing with your organization.
Operations Consulting
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Operational improvement

We’ll show you how to understand, identify and measure the benefits of additive manufacturing on your production line, inventory and supply chain.
Applications Consulting
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Application validation

Our consultants will help you explore the technical viability and economic feasibility of 3D printing for your specific manufacturing needs.
Applications Consulting
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Design optimization

Our engineers will work closely with your design teams to help them understand 3D printing and design so your teams can realize the potential of their designs.
Applications Consulting
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Think additively

The Blueprint team will help you learn design for 3D printing and then apply the associated thought processes to your product designs.
Start your additive journey
Work with our Blueprint consultants on your next 3D printing project and see the results for yourself.
Unlock the power behind the six drivers
Looking to get even more detail on the six business drivers? Let us walk you through the framework from start to finish.
How we helped real companies make real change
Regardless of size or industry, we have helped hundreds of clients design and deliver their 3D printing strategy.