Helping you turn good
ideas into brilliant business
The power of 3D printing can transform
the way you innovate. But how do you
harness this technology to build pioneering
products and boost your top line?

Disruptive innovation affects nearly every industry today. It is vital to know how 3D printing can drive your innovation needs, both now and in the future – and we can help you find the answers.

What we do

As the world’s leading 3D printing consultants, who have developed the world’s leading additive innovation framework, there’s no one more qualified to transform your innovation strategy. We’ll apply this framework to understand and assess how to achieve maximum results with both products and your business. Not only will we train you in additive innovation, we will identify additive opportunities across your business, develop and measure their value and work with you to create and capture your own cutting-edge 3D printing concepts. Whatever you need, we’ll arm you with the knowledge to truly innovate – driven by the power of 3D printing.

Who this helps
  • Innovation champions
  • Designers
  • Product and portfolio managers
  • Product engineers

We help professionals looking for a deep and practical understanding of how 3D printing can support the innovation in products, services and business models to drive top-line growth.

How we help
  • Generate 3D printing ideas and applications
  • Identify where additive innovation can be applied within your business
  • Reveal how traditional production methods are limiting cutting edge product design
  • Advise how to diversify and branch into new markets
  • Show how additive innovation could benefit specific initiatives and projects
  • Pinpoint where you should continue investing in 3D printing innovation
  • Determine which new innovations will have maximum business impact
  • Explore how additive is driving innovation and disrupting your industry

Giving you the cutting edge
via the power of 3D printing

Because we’re innovators ourselves, we know a good idea when we see it. We equip your business with the information and insight you need to transform how you innovate.

We know that innovation isn’t miraculous – it’s meticulous. That’s why we carefully plan and prepare our product innovation workshops, ensuring all content is relevant and engaging. Because we don’t believe in rushing things, we don’t limit these workshops to a single onsite session. And afterwards, we analyze the findings to identify the most viable 3D printing opportunities – so you can nurture great ideas and build market-leading concepts.

What we’ll deliver
  • Additive solutions, ranked by potential commercial impact and technology readiness
  • In-depth grounding in the fundamentals of 3D printing
  • Training in our unique business benefits framework
  • A deep dive into how additive is disrupting your industry

Develop plan for workshop delivery, including logistics. Create workshop collateral. Identify key workshop participants.
Construct targeted and bespoke workshop experience, providing better and more relevant outcomes. Capture organizational priorities and understand culture. Tailor workshop contents to the needs of the organization.
Upskill team in 3D printing. Demonstrate relevant applications, generate concepts and isolate solutions. Use a range of tools to assess value.
Assess concepts to reveal underlying themes, synergies and similarities. Add insight and expertise to uncover and qualify underlying 3D printing innovation opportunities.
Strategy consulting
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Strategic impact

Our team will help lay the foundations for total confidence in business transformation by demonstrating the ways 3D printing can reshape your strategy.
Strategy consulting
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Product innovation

We’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of how 3D printing can open up new thinking and build pioneering products while boosting your top line.
Strategy consulting
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Additive deployment

With our help, you can identify the people, processes and tools needed for to successfully deploy 3D printing with your organization.
Operations Consulting
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Operational improvement

We’ll show you how to understand, identify and measure the benefits of additive manufacturing on your production line, inventory and supply chain.
Applications Consulting
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Application validation

Our consultants will help you explore the technical viability and economic feasibility of 3D printing for your specific manufacturing needs.
Applications Consulting
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Design optimization

Our engineers will work closely with your design teams to help them understand 3D printing and design so your teams can realize the potential of their designs.
Applications Consulting
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Think additively

The Blueprint team will help you learn design for 3D printing and then apply the associated thought processes to your product designs.
Start your additive journey
Work with our Blueprint consultants on your next 3D printing project and see the results for yourself.
Unlock the power behind the six drivers
Looking to get even more detail on the six business drivers? Let us walk you through the framework from start to finish.
How we helped real companies make real change
Regardless of size or industry, we have helped hundreds of clients design and deliver their 3D printing strategy.