How do you get your organization to Think Additively?
As companies grow their additive adoption,
they are reckoning with a growing
disconnect between the true realities
of the technology and the skills needed
to make it work for their business.

Despite the growing “sphere of additive capability,” most companies struggle with making real business impact with 3D printing. Part of the problem is the lack of a mindset and concrete design tools for designing for additive manufacturing.

What we do

As a business consultancy with a deep technical heritage, we are an ideal partner to help you design for additive manufacturing with a business mindset. We break down the importance of design requirements, priorities and cost contributors for informed, scalable design for additive manufacturing (DFAM) with organizations looking to think additively.

Who this helps
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Creatives
  • Internal additive champions

Anyone responsible for expanding additive use in an organization should consider formal training on design for additive manufacturing. The Think Additively program from Blueprint is a path forward for organizations serious about meaningful additive adoption.

How we help
  • The 6 additive manufacturing business drivers applied to design decisions
  • Design practices for all major 3D printing technologies: PBF, DMLS, FDM, PJ, VP, and BJ
  • Design tactics for the 5 DFAM principles: color, surface quality, part accuracy, part strength, and economics
  • Multi-day design thinking training with an eye on economics and use cases
  • Concrete DFAM principles taught across the product lifecycle journey
  • Understanding of where and why AM is powerful in driving business value
  • Decision making frameworks for clear internal communication of design objectives
  • Individual coaching and content tailored to attendees’ particular objectives

Market leading organizations
think additively

They adopt additive with realistic business priorities, a full
knowledge of the technology and cutting-edge design tactics.

The 3-day course begins by teaching a baseline business understanding of additive. This provides a language to discuss the advantages of additive manufacturing.

Think Additively teaches technology and business needs at once. We know that people learn best by example, so the 5 DFAM principles (color, surface quality, part accuracy, part strength and economics) are taught in the midst of three real case studies that each cover a primary additive application in the context of: prototyping, fixturing and production.

At the end of the program, after completing follow-on design coaching, participants will be Blueprint Think Additively certified.


The course is typically 3 days but can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of your organization.


Flexible Delivery. Think Additively is best delivered at the customer site but may be hosted at a Blueprint location.

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