3D printing brings many questions. We bring the answers.
We have more than 15 years of experience across virtually every industry. But we’re more than just consultants. We’re engineers. Innovators. Analysts. Strategists.
Above all, we’re real people. Dependable. Uncomplicated. Insightful. Human. Here to share your challenges and understand what it takes to solve them.

Our tried and tested approach will help you identify technology that’s right for you, then deploy it seamlessly and successfully, changing the way you design and make things forever.
Kunal Mehta
Head of Blueprint
Kunal’s work has spanned both B2B and B2C as well as across multiple industries, leading strategic and operational transformation for Fortune 100 clients.

Before joining Blueprint, he spent 11 years with Accenture Strategy, a global strategic consultancy. He holds a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Business Administration degree from Melbourne Business School.
Steve Wankewycz
Business Development Director, US
With over 21 years of experience at IBM, Siemens and Stratasys, Steve has worked in various technology fields, ranging from energy smart grids to healthcare analytics and information technology to 3D printing.

With a Bachelor in Marketing degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, his focus is on emerging and disruptive technologies and their transformational impact on industries and business models.
Aaron Hurd
Senior Manager, US
Aaron’s career spans the strategic, technical and entrepreneurial. Before Blueprint, he led his own start-up, helping the college retail industry rethink how technology could impact customer experience. Prior to founding his startup, he advised on strategic initiatives and supply chain practices at Accenture Strategy.

Aaron has also worked in product engineering and holds a Bachelor in Computer Engineering degree from Iowa State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan.
Loic Le Merlus
Manager, UK
Loic puts the numbers behind the hype, leading the development of algorithms that drive our proprietary analysis tools. He also works closely with clients to analyze complex data and understand the economic impact that 3D printing could have on their businesses.

Loic has led projects to quantify the impact of the technology, working with users and vendors across the additive manufacturing industry.
Oliver Smith
Senior Innovation Consultant, UK
Oliver adds the creative and entrepreneurial perspective to our group’s skillset. Focusing on our strategy and innovation activities, he designs unique methodologies and applies strategic thinking to help clients apply the benefits of 3D printing to innovate their products, services and business models. His approach is well-grounded in economics, technological constraints and client expectations.
Dave Hayden
Senior Engineering Consultant, UK
Dave works as a consultant providing technical insight on our broad range of consulting projects. As a computer-aided design specialist, he is involved in the redesign and manufacture of 3D printed parts for our clients. With a Master in Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Sheffield, Dave enjoys projects that incorporate both electronics and mechanical systems.
David Busacker
Senior Engineering Consultant, US
David has a wide-ranging 3D printing background spanning university teaching, contract manufacturing and technical sales. During his time as an application engineer at Stratasys, he helped their most future-ready customers challenge the status quo with 3D printing prototypes, manufacturing aids and production parts. Previous experience with consultancy SGK and rapid contract manufacturer Protolabs also gives him an attitude of problem solving and continuous improvement.
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