How do you get your organization to Think Additively?
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Learn how to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing in your business.

We’ve condensed 15 years of 3D printing experience into our Think Additively Foundation course.

The 3-day course begins by teaching a business understanding of additive. This provides a language to discuss the advantages of additive manufacturing.


Think Additively teaches technology and business needs at once. We know that people learn best by example, so the five Think Additively principles (color, surface quality, part accuracy, part strength and economics) are taught in the midst of real case studies across prototyping, fixturing and production and covers all ASTM additive technologies.


At the end of the course, participants receive individualized coaching tailored to their applications to drive business impact.

An introduction from one of our course instructors, David Busacker,

Sr. Engineering Consultant

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Think Additively program

of executives want to move beyond prototyping and leverage the benefits of additive throughout their business

of organizations struggle to increase adoption of additive due to a lack of human skills, business acumen and technical knowledge

Source: Blueprint survey of 200 manufacturing CEOs

Who this helps

While Additive experts have ample knowledge of the technology, many organizational stakeholders lack a base foundation and language to communicate their AM needs effectively. This course is targeted to those engineers, designers and managers that need to learn the language of Additive Manufacturing to move beyond the status quo.


The course is delivered specifically for your organization. The base content is built to be delivered over 3 days, however, can be scaled up or down depending on your AM objectives.


We find the Think Additively course is best delivered onsite, at your locations, surrounded by your products. However, if this does not work we can host at Blueprint facilities.

The Foundations course focuses on 8 objectives:

The 6 additive manufacturing business drivers applied to design decisions.


Design practices for all major 3D printing technologies: PBF, DMLS, FDM, PJ, VP, and BJ.


Design tactics for the 5 DFAM principles: color, surface quality, part accuracy, part strength, and economics.


Multi-day design thinking training with an eye on economics and use cases.


Concrete DFAM principles taught across the product lifecycle journey.


Understanding of where and why AM is powerful in driving business value.


Decision making frameworks for clear internal communication of design objectives.


Individual coaching and content tailored to attendees’ particular objectives.


“Think additively is more than

design for additive manufacturing. We’re excited to launch this

program that finally creates a

language between additive experts and their stakeholders, eliminating knowledge gaps that are holding back organizational AM adoption”

Kunal Mehta

Head of Blueprint

Want to finally start

thinking additively?

Download our Think Additively brochure to read the details of the program, how the course is structured and what you will learn.

Stratasys Minds. Independently Minded.

We know that every business is different.  That's why our consulting approach is tailored to your challenge, no matter where you are on your 3D printing journey. We combine deep business insight with an unrivalled understanding of how additive manufacturing can impact your business model.


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